What separates you from the world

Will change your perspective.

Tilt and turn windows with multi-point locking have long been recognized as the gold-standard by which other windows are judged. Able to withstand the harshest environmental demands while maximizing the glazed area of the window, a tilt and turn window is not only proportionally and functionally the most desirable choice, it offers the best performance characteristics for durability, sound-proofing and thermal insulation. An environmentally-conscious choice, our windows are an investment that will pay for themselves in energy efficiency, long lifespan and an enhanced home value. Their gentle and luxurious look complements and elevates your home interior, as well as the view they frame.

We craft our windows from a selection of woods including oak, mahogany, torrefied ash, cherry, and other exquisite woods.

One of our more popular combinations, due to its sleek look and low maintenance, is the Aluminum/Wood Hybrid. Our version is superior to simple extruded hybrids. Our custom-manufactured extruded exteriors are welded into monolithic units at our associate factory in Germany and matched to fit seamlessly with the custom-built wood interior section manufactured at our shop here in Quebec.

A luxury purchase that pays for itself while helping the environment, Cardea’s quality and durability make your choice a sound investment. And the many options for energy efficiency loans make your investment affordable.